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Summer fires and air quality at home

Supply of superior air quality inside the house is very important. However, sometimes due to unavoidable circumstances, the quality of air in the living environment can be compromised. For example, here in Idaho during summer wildfires are common and produce hazardous smoke.

Additionally, when windows are open during the day, dust and other contaminants are likely to blow inside the house which can decrease the air quality. In fact, it is estimated that an average house of six rooms collects approximately forty pounds of dust annually. On the other hand, during cold seasons, unhealthy air builds up in the valley due to inversions. The air causes smoke, smog and other pollutants to build.

Effects of Wildfires in The West According to Science Daily, wildfires in the United States have significantly increased since the seventies. It is a worrying trend since the wildfire smoke and other pollutants can cause breathing and heart-related problems. While the western regions like Idaho and California are famous for outdoor activities during the summers, they are also associated with poor air quality.

Compared to the neighboring states like California, Idaho experiences more poor air due to frequent wildfires. The fire produces unimaginable amounts of smoke that spreads over vast regions. Research has shown that residents of western cities are more likely to breathe higher concentration of pollutants compared to those in the east.

Smog in The Summers Although summer brings sunshine, it is also a time of the year when smog is at highest levels in most cities including Boise, Idaho. Smog contains pollutants that are very hazardous. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) indicates that breathing these pollutants can be dangerous on the lungs. Apart from those living in the cities, people in the suburbs should also get worried. This is because the effects of smog can be spread widely. High levels of smog can cause irritation to the respiratory system which can last a few hours after exposure.


the effects can continue to harm the lungs even when symptoms disappear. It can be even worse for people with asthma conditions. Mayo Clinic indicates that smog can cause breathing difficulties, especially during exercises.Living with poor aeration can have serious effects on those with chronic or cardiac conditions and also to the very young and old. Sadly, the side effects of smoke also affect healthy individuals.

While it is impossible to control the quality of air outside, Ashley Heating Air and Water Systems can help to improve the quality of air inside the living space.

Services Offered by Ashley Heating and Water Systems The company has been in existence for more than a century and provides top-notch air filtration systems that run in the background to ensure cleaner air inside the house. In particular, the company uses Trane Clean Effects air filtration system that removes up 99.98% of pollutants. Additionally, Electronic Air Cleaners that remove pollutants and other microscopic particles such as wildfire smoke are used. Media filtration systems are used to clean and filter the air inside the house and are said to be over eighty-five percent effective than other filters.

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