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Water Softening

We have information and videos for you to watch, but know that we are here to help you with your air conditioner installation questions.



Water Softening & Conditioning

If you have concerns with the quality of your household water, Ashley Heating, Air & Water Systems has a solution that will fit your needs and change your life.


From cooking, drinking, cleaning, and bathing, to the impact on your plumbing, appliances, and fixtures, the condition of your water is extremely important. When quality is compromised by heavy minerals or impurities, it costs you time, money, and enjoyment.


The specialists from Ashley Heating, Air & Water Systems help you take proactive measures, recommending the right options to answer your water treatment needs.


We make your regular routine easier and more pleasurable, by protecting the cleanliness of your water. For a variety of water quality challenges, we offer a full selection of advanced water treatment technologies.

Water Tech Reionator Water Softener System

A big step above water softening, this effective multi-resin process removes chlorine taste and odor without the need for costly filter changes. Enjoy scale-free dishes, clear glasses, and extend the life of all appliances that come in contact with your water. Avoid water spots on shower doors, and reduce soap requirements by 50%.


Increase the life of fabrics up to 15%, boost efficiency of your water heater by up to 30%, and protect the performance and appearance of plumbing fixtures. The Reionator handles hardness and iron, and reduces chlorine, lead, sulfates and nitrates, without that unpleasant, slippery feel.


Fully-automated, the system measures the exact amount of water flowing through it, and only regenerates as necessary, resulting in a water and salt efficiency improvement of more than 40% over industry-standard softeners. Invest in the Reionator with complete confidence, and take advantage of an industry-leading product and warranty.

Water Tech SoftMax

Hard water causes major problems throughout your home. It clog pipes and appliances by creating a scale buildup, and reduces the efficiency of your water heater. Soap and detergent fails to dissolve properly in hard water, and leaves behind water spots on dishes and glasses. Skin may feel scratchy and dry, and hair may look dull and fuzzy.


Count on SoftMax to eliminate hardness and iron/manganese, and provide cleaner laundry, spot-free dishes, softer skin, well-maintained water fixtures and longer-lasting appliances. Fully-automated, the system measures precisely how much water is passing through it and regenerates only as needed. SoftMAX has been proven to boost water efficiency by up to 40%, and reduce soap and cleaning supply use by up to 50%.


Adding up to less than $2 per year of electricity, and engineered with commercial-grade components for durability, the overall cost of ownership is extremely low.

Water Tech BlueMax

Take advantage of a straightforward, efficient, and inexpensive means of water filtration for your entire home.


BlueMAX is a point-of-entry system that features multiple filter options that eliminate sand, dirt, and large sediment particles from the water entering your home. Offering a variety of interchangeable filters, the system allows a customized approach, ensuring that you enjoy the ideal protection level for your specific needs.


The system targets the water entering your home to defend against damage to fine moving parts inside water softeners, fixtures, and appliances. The BlueMAX filter system is an extremely affordable option, relying on inexpensive replacement filters, and meeting your highest expectations for only a few cents a day.

Strongly recommended as a valuable companion to any whole house water treatment system, including the Reionator conditioner and SoftMAX softener, the BlueMAX whole-house filter plays a vital role in the quality of your water and your everyday life.


Call us today for your personalized service appointment.

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