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ductless HVAC

Ashley Heating, Air & Water Systems provides ideal heating and cooling solutions, without labor-intensive renovation.


There’s no need to tear down walls or ceilings, sacrifice space, or deal with mess and disruption. The installation of a ductless HVAC system involves little more than a very small hole in an exterior wall, and can normally be completed in a single day. Mini- or multi-split systems are the perfect modern alternative to traditional forced air conditioning.


Attractive, quiet, and easy-to-operate, these ductless HVAC units deliver a powerful punch when it comes to cooling and heating. Because the indoor units are lightweight, streamlined and only about seven inches deep, they can be located just about anywhere, and are never an eyesore.


Ductless HVAC is a simple, affordable, and effective means of handling indoor comfort, and when you trust Ashley Heating, Air & Water Systems with installation, your start-to-finish project is managed swiftly and properly.

consider some of the many benefits of the Mitsubishi Electric Mini Split M-Series

  • No Ductwork – Eliminating ductwork avoids the cost and mess of installation, energy losses, and maintenance requirements.

  • Permanent Solution – There’s no need to move portable units in and out of windows or setup noisy box fans to cool your home.

  • Advanced Filtration – Your Mitsubishi ductless system filters dust, pollen, and other allergens from breathing air, and eliminates the contamination often associated with dirty ductwork.

  • Security – Keep windows closed in summer, avoiding security risks, noise pollution, and allergens.

  • Even Temperatures – Each unit features its own thermostat, and sustains a constant room temperature, without the uncomfortable blasts of hot or cold associated with forced air.

  • Invisible Installation – The mere 3-inch diameter hole to accommodate refrigerant lines and wiring is completely hidden, as well as sealed and insulated to prevent drafts.

  • Versatility – The ability to locate the outdoor unit up to 49 feet away from the indoor unit provides wonderful installation flexibility.

  • Ultra-quiet – The M-Series keeps operational noise down to 26 decibels.

  • Zone Control – Customize individual rooms to personal preferences, and only condition those rooms that are occupied.

  • Convenient Operation – Adjust temperatures, fan speed, and more from a wireless remote.

  • Programmable – Conserve energy when you’re out, and come home to perfect temperatures with easy-to-use timer functions.

  • Ideal Comfort – I FEEL mode, on newer M-Series models, reads and reacts to indoor temperatures by automatically adapting the operational mode.

  • Compact Outdoor Unit – A slim profile allows the outdoor unit to be mounted discreetly along the back or side of the house.

  • Multiple ENERGY STAR Rated Options – Take advantage of efficient cooling and heating and save money on utility bills.

  • Aesthetics – The Mitsubishi M-Series mini splits incorporate beautifully into any home decor.

contact Ashley Heating, Air & Water Systems today for accurate ductless HVAC cost and installation

Ashley Heating, Air & Water Systems specializes in Mitsubishi Electric ductless HVAC systems. Having redefined ductless technology, Mitsubishi Electric sets an unmatched standard of excellence.


Through a range of single-room and multi-room solutions, there’s a perfect answer for every type of challenge.

Our ductless HVAC technicians will help you determine the ideal setup for your exact requirements, and make sure

you take advantage of superior efficiency, reliability, and cooling/heating capacity.


Precise temperature control, quickly and simply installed, is just a phone call away. Contact Ashley Heating,

Air & Water Systems, and we’ll make sure that going ductless is a rewarding experience.

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