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Ashley Protection Plan


our promise

Enrolling in the Ashley Protection Plan will give you maximum savings and comfort, as well as peace of mind.  The Ashley Protection Plan is a comprehensive service program for homeowners who want to protect their heating and air-conditioning system investment and also want to ensure the safety and well-being of their family.

You will be priority-service protected every hour of every day from heating and cooling problems.

Save money on every heating and air-conditioning service call!

15% discount coupon for repairs

If you move within our service area, your Ashley Protection Plan can be transferred to your new home or you can leave it for the new owner.

1. our 30-point inspection & maintenance done twice a year.

Twice a year, a member of our expert service technician team will give your heating and air-conditioning system a thorough inspection and make any minor adjustments.  Here are just a few of the items that you can expect from your APP visit:

  • Clean all return air grilles

  • Check and change filters

  • Check all capacitors

  • Check roll-out/pressure/high limit switches

  • Adjust/align belts

  • Inspect burner assembly and flue

  • Check all hoses

  • Check/program thermostat

  • Check all amp draws

  • Lubricate as needed

  • Vacuum and clean furnace cabinet and condenser unit

  • Plus many others

2. you go to the top of the schedule on service calls

As the owner of an Ashley Protection Plan, you'll go to the top of the schedule if you need any emergency heaing and air-conditioning service.

3. save money from the start

You get a 15% discount on any heating and air-conditioning repairs or duct cleaning.  We will never charge you an after-hours charge if you need service in the evening or on the weekend and you get a 1 year warranty on those repairs.

Regular maintenance on your heating and air-conditioning system extends the life of your equipment and reduces energy costs by keeping everything running efficiently and keeps your warranty status up to date.

4. easy and convenient

We will call or email you when it’s time to get your spring or fall maintenance scheduled.  We will work with your schedule and find a time that works for you.

purchase an Ashley Protection Plan today

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