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indoor air quality


Haze and smoke in the forecast? Summer or winter, air quality isn’t always optimal.


While we can’t control the Boise air quality outside, we can clean up the air on the inside of your home. Let the doctors of comfort at Ashley Heating, Air & Water Systems help you clean up your air so your home can be clean and refreshing.

Boise air quality can be affected for a number of reasons that may even be outside your control. Inversions during the cold months hold unhealthy air in the valley forcing our homes to be full of smoke, smog and other pollutants.


During the summer when the windows are open, dust, pollen and who knows what else blow in the home creating potentially unhealthy situations.

did you know?

The average six-room house collects 40 pounds of dust each year. Breathing air with these pollutants can be annoying and even cause health problems.

Fortunately, Ashley Heating Air & Water Systems is here with clean indoor air quality solutions. We will determine a custom solution for your house to clean the air inside your home.


We realize that you and your home are unique, which is why we will custom build the solution that meets your needs. Some of the common solutions we implement are a Boise air duct cleaning, air purification units, Ultraviolet Air Treatment, home comfort humidification, and air filtration unit installation.

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