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Is a ductless HVAC system a good option for me?

Updating older buildings with heating and air conditioning is next to impossible, especially if there’s not enough space to install ductwork. For buildings that do have space, the expense of these updates can be a bit high for customers. The workaround on both ends is ductless heating and cooling units.

Ductless HVAC systems are compact and can be installed virtually anywhere, without the need for duct installations. Ductless HVAC units are also the perfect solution for modern infrastructures dealing with holes and gaps in ductwork that cause air leaks. Rather than paying for expensive replacements, they can opt to go with ductless HVAC systems.

Ductless systems from Trane/Mitsubishi Electric are versatile, affordable, and efficient in handling your indoor comfort, and when you trust Ashley Heating, Air & Water with installation, your start-to-finish project is done well and on time.

What is a ductless HVAC system?

True to its name, a ductless system provides heating and cooling solutions where ductwork doesn’t currently exist or where it’s simply not feasible or cost effective to install. There’s no need to tear out walls or ceilings – a ductless system involves little more than a small hole in the exterior wall, and most installations can be completed in a day. This makes it ideal for cabins, new additions, sunrooms, bedrooms, basements, garages, or shops.

Ductless systems are also a good option when you’re looking to replace unsightly window units, space heaters, or old baseboard heating.

Types of ductless HVAC systems

Here at Ashley Heating, Air & Water, we proudly offer Trane/Mitsubishi Electric products, the top-selling brand of ductless systems. We have a wide variety of products designed to help you enjoy cleaner air and superior control of cooling, heating, and your energy bill.

Ductless systems come in two main types: single-zone or multi-zone. A single-zone system cools and heats a single space. Multi-zone systems are designed for cooling and heating multiple spaces (up to eight zones), allowing you to control the temperature room by room. So, if you want your kitchen to be 72 degrees but a bedroom to be 75 degrees, you can do that, and the system only uses the precise amount of energy needed to keep each room at the proper temperature.

Ductless HVAC components

A ductless system has three main components: an outdoor unit, indoor unit(s), and smart comfort controller.

  • Outside the home, there is a compact outdoor unit that connects to a max of eight indoor unit(s). Trane/Mitsubishi Electric outdoor units are much smaller and quieter than conventional outdoor units.

  • Inside the home, each zone is served by its own indoor unit allowing you to control temperature room by room. For example, in a multi-zone system with five zones, there is one outdoor unit and five indoor units. Indoor units are quiet, easy to operate, streamlined (approximately seven inches deep), and come in 12 different sleek designs that can be wall-mounted, floor-mounted, or ceiling-mounted. Each indoor unit has its own advanced air filter that helps you breathe easier.

  • A controller device lets you control your comfort and easily monitor energy usage. You can choose from a variety of wireless, wall-mounted or handheld controllers.

How it works

The system works by transferring heat to and from an outdoor unit to one or more indoor units. The units are connected by small pipes containing refrigerant, a substance that absorbs heat. The system works in all Treasure Valley temperatures – extreme hot to below zero temps.

The outdoor unit is equipped with INVERTER technology which enables it to quickly change the amount of power it uses and the amount of refrigerant it transfers to and from the indoor units. The outdoor unit only uses the precise amount of power needed to reach each zone’s preferred temperature.

Conventional vs. ductless HVAC systems

Conventional air conditioning has a big outdoor unit that kicks on when your house gets too warm and runs at full power until the entire house reaches a set temperature. Each time the noisy outdoor unit turns on, it uses a lot of energy. A furnace basically does the same thing for heating (although it’s not located outside). Both the AC and furnace use ductwork to blow air throughout your house.

A ductless system, on the other hand, is an all-in-one solution that provides both heating and cooling where ductwork doesn’t exist. Ductless systems allow you to control temperature room by room. So, if you want your kitchen to be 72 degrees but a bedroom to be 75 degrees, a ductless system lets you do that and reduces energy consumption by up to 40 percent in the process. It’s an extremely quiet and efficient way to heat or cool your house.

Tell me more about energy savings

Ductless systems reduce energy consumption all year long, even during the hottest and coldest months. Here’s how:

  • They save energy typically lost because of poorly insulated ductwork.

  • Instead of trying to keep your whole house at the same temperature, ductless systems allow you to control temperature room by room, and the system only uses the precise amount of energy needed to keep each room at the proper temperature.

  • Trane/Mitsubishi Electric’s INVERTER technology eliminates the start & stop cycle that uses so much electricity. Just as your heart always beats, but automatically beats faster when you exercise, the ductless system is always active, and INVERTER automatically adjusts when it senses subtle temperature changes. The system quietly maintains the desired temperature using the least amount of energy needed.

  • Most of our models earn ENERGY STAR ratings for their efficiency. You may be eligible for federal tax credits and rebates from utility companies or local government.

  • Ashley Heating, Air & Water specializes in ductless systems designed for climates in the northern half of the U.S., so you’ll have consistent heat even if temperatures drop well below zero. This is a highly efficient way to heat (and greener than burning fossil fuels), saving you money no matter what time of year it is.

  • Some models are equipped with 3D i-see Sensor that scans the room to produce a complete thermal profile. 3D i-see Sensor is smart enough to know if you’re in the room and can direct the unit to enter an energy-saving mode if the space is unoccupied.

Breathe easier with advanced air filtration

A ductless system does more than just keep the rooms in your home at the perfect temperature — it continuously filters air more effectively than conventional heating and cooling systems, which only use one filter installed in the central unit.

Each zone’s indoor unit is equipped with its own advanced filter that’s fully washable and can last up to 10 years. Available filters include:

  • Nano Platinum Filter uses nanometer-sized platinum-ceramic particles to kill bacteria.

  • Deodorizing Filter uses nanotechnology to neutralize even the worst odors.

  • Electrostatic Anti-Allergy Enzyme Filter breaks down allergen proteins and makes them non-allergens. Lose the sneezing, keep the cat.


Each unit has a smart control device that lets you control your comfort and easily monitor energy usage. Handheld controllers come standard, but you can also choose from a variety of wireless and wall-mounted controllers.

The advanced kumo touch® wireless controller can be mounted on any wall and doesn’t require wiring, making it an ideal solution for retrofits.

All controllers allow you to fully control your indoor unit’s product features. Many indoor unit models are compatible with kumo cloud® technology, allowing you to use your smartphone or tablet to control temperatures, adjust fan speeds, set modes and custom schedules, and check the status of your filters.

Ductless HVAC installation

Again, there’s no messy wall or ceiling demolition work required – a ductless system involves little more than a small hole in the exterior wall (to connect the outdoor unit to indoor unit), and most installations can be completed in a day.

Idahoans trust Ashley Heating, Air & Water with their HVAC installation because they know it will be done well and on time.


Ashley Heating, Water & Air is a certified Ductless Pro Contractor, meaning you not only get the benefit of our experience and expertise, but you also increase the warranty on your Trane/Mitsubishi Electric parts and compressor purchase to 12 years (registering the product within 90 days is required). Certain models are only eligible for a 10-year warranty.

Learn more

Ashley Heating, Air & Water can make your house the perfect temperature all year long. We’re happy to discuss the ideal setup for your exact requirements, and we are committed to making sure your move to ductless is a rewarding experience.

Precise temperature control, quickly and simply installed, is just a phone call away: 208-378-9445.



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