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dryer heat vent cleaning

According to the National Fire Protection Association, dryers were to blame for more than 15,500 US home fires in 2010. Prevention is simple. Annual, professional maintenance is the key to safety.


Contact the specialists from Ashley Heating, Air & Water Systems for a convenient appointment time. We remove the lint and other debris that accumulates in your dryer hose and vent duct.


We prevent restricted airflow, and the backing up of exhaust gases that creates a fire hazard. With quick, thorough and simple cleaning and inspection, the licensed specialists from Ashley Heating, Air & Water Systems ensure safe operation and improved efficiency.


For homeowners in and around Treasure Valley, we offer quality solutions to everyday challenges.

stay safe with professional dryer heat vent cleaning!

Is your dryer taking longer and longer to sufficiently dry your clothes?


Your dryer heat vent is probably clogged. If clothes are slightly damp at the end of a regular cycle, there’s a problem. Designed to extract hot moist air, the dryer cannot function properly when the vent is blocked by lint.


The moist air remains in the dryer, resulting in hot, damp clothes. Extended cycles causes more stress on the appliance, shortening system life expectancy by half. Neglecting professional service of your dryer does not save you either time or money. It costs more to operate the dryer, leads to repair needs, and forces replacement much quicker.

Homeowners who attempt do-it-yourself dryer maintenance usually find the task impossible to complete.


Without specialized tools and advanced training, you’re either going to cause damage, or fail to ensure safe, clean, and reliable dryer operation. This can quickly turn into an exercise in frustration. Save yourself the trouble.


Enjoy complete peace of mind. Let the experts from Ashley Heating, Air & Water Systems handle your project from start to finish. There’s no mess, damage, or debris left behind. Our certified technicians draw from years of experience, professional resources, and factory training to effectively and quickly access and clean your dryer vent. We arrive within the stated timeframe, dressed professionally in uniform, and meet your highest expectations in every area of service.

schedule your dryer heat vent cleaning today!

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