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Ashley Heating and Air ConditioningWith Ashley Heating, Air & Water Systems, you receive the most technologically advanced engineering team to help you design your energy efficient indoor air quality system. We are a progressive company specializing in residential home comfort systems. Our experienced team of skilled professionals provides expert installation of top quality Boise heating, Boise air conditioning, indoor air quality, & water treatment systems.Whether you’re looking to improve the comfort of your home, increase energy savings, create a healthier indoor environment or repair your existing Boise HVAC system, Ashley Heating, Air & Water Systems is here to help. We’re even a certified Boise Trane Dealer!Ashley Companies, serving the Treasure Valley and surrounding areas since 1910.Give us a call today at 208-258-3813 or use our Contact Form. 

Furnace Repair, Service & Installation

When temperatures begin to plummet, will your house fully winterized and ready for the cold?
Let us help you get ready. We know houses come in all different shapes, styles and sizes;
and we know correct air flow, regular maintenance, filter changes, and inspection of your furnace will extend its life and increase heating efficiency. We would love to help you make smart educated decisions about your home heating and furnace needs. Call us today to schedule your free complimentary in home heating proposal.
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Air Conditioning Repair, Service & Installation

Air conditioning costs are a huge part of summer utility bills, so when it comes to your a/c system make smart decisions and save money. Let Ashley Heating, Air & Water Systems help you optimize, maintain or obtain a durable, low cost air conditioning unit that constantly optimizes output, and provides you with a consistent cool temperature. Our certified technicians are factory trained and can repair all makes and models of air conditioning units.
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Water Treatment Services

The Boise area has water that is rated at levels between slightly hard up to hard. In addition to hard water, other quality factors such as the amount of iron in the water, the pH level and chlorine levels can affect the quality of the water you use every day. Let Ashley Heating, Air & Water Systems create the custom water treatment plan for you.
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Water Heater Replacement

Did you know that many homeowner’s insurance companies don’t cover floods from water heaters that are over 10 years old? Chances are if you have an older water heater you could be saving money on your utility bills. Our certified technicians are experts with water heaters. We can repair, service or if you end up needing a new energy efficient water heater, we’ll deliver it, install it and dispose of your old one. We carry a full line of residential and commercial water heaters to meet your needs.
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Indoor Air Quality

The air inside your home can be up to 5 times more polluted than the air outside. Cleaner air feels better, in your lungs, on your skin, and all around you. You may not be able to do much about the air quality outside, but you can clean up the indoor air. We have air purification systems that have proven to be 100 times more effective than the standard, cheap 1” filters you can get from home improvement stores. Our Air Purification system’s performance been verified by the experts at Harvard School of Public Health.
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