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What's a heat pump? Do i need it if i already have a furnace?

If there’s one product that causes a lot of confusion among consumers, it’s the heat pump.

So let’s break down what a heat pump is, the benefits it offers, and heat pump installation.

What is a heat pump?

A heat pump is a smart, efficient and versatile way to heat and cool your home. Heat pumps function as an air conditioner when it’s hot and a heater when it’s cold.

Benefits of a heat pump

If you already have a furnace, a heat pump can act as a partner to the furnace and provide you with a heating system that’s off-the-charts in terms of efficiency. During the winter, when the outdoor temperature drops below the heat pumps capabilities, the furnace automatically takes over, switching back and forth, to whichever source provides the greatest efficiency. For the majority of the year, the electric heat pump protects your wallet with superior efficiency. While both electric and gas fueled heating systems each have a few disadvantages, a dual system compensates to provide the absolute best of both.

Heat pump products

Ashley Heating, Air & Water specializes in Trane brand heat pumps, offering you up to 20.00 SEER, 10 HSPF, and variable speed technology. Every Trane system is strenuously tested for sustainable durability, and you can rest assured you’ll enjoy long-term operation.


Heat and cool your home with one of the industry’s most efficient systems. Automatically adjusts to avoid temperature swings.

​• SEER up to 20

• HSPF up to 10

• Climatuff™ Variable

• ENERGY STAR® Qualified


Our quietest and most efficient heat pump yet. Up to 19.5 SEER, 12 HSPF and 43-57dBA.

​• SEER up to 19.5

• HSPF up to 12

• Climatuff™ Variable

• ENERGY STAR® Qualified


One of our most affordable heat pumps is an excellent blend of efficiency and value.

​• SEER up to 16

• HSPF up to 9.5

• Climatuff™ Single-stage

• ENERGY STAR® Qualified

Trane’s TruComfort systems automatically adjust and maintain consistent speeds to deliver precise comfort, keep sound levels low, and avoid temperature swings. With ComfortLink II communicating capability, major components all “talk” with each other, automatically configuring and calibrating for peak performance and efficiency throughout service life.

Heat pump installation

Are you wondering how to install a heat pump? Ashley Heating, Air & Water is experienced in the setup and installation of heat pump systems, and we’ll provide a rewarding start-to-finish experience.

To talk to the heat pump professionals at Ashley, call us at 208-378-9445.

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