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Summer to Fall home maintenance

We wish we could tell you that switching out the spring and summer linens for autumn colors and placing a few pumpkins and gourds on the front porch constituted summer to fall home maintenance. You’re going to need a weekend and a few supplies to bring your home up to winter standards, though. We’ll walk you through it, both inside and out.

Exterior Maintenance

Check The Roof

The roof is the first defense of your home. If rain, snow, and ice get through the roof, it gets to you. Check for loose or missing shingles, separated flashing, and anything that looks out of place. Then call a roofing professional to fix it.

Clean The Gutters

Leaf-clogged gutters mean water leaks into the basement, the inner walls, and the outer walls. Clean the gutters after the leaves have fallen, then flush the gutters and downspouts with a garden hose. Repair joints and fasteners if needed. Check the interior walls and basement for possible damages.

Check The Siding

Speaking of outer walls, grab some caulking. Seal any spaces between siding, basement, or foundation. Seal around wires or pipes entering the house. Seal door and window frames to prevent heat from escaping.

Replace Screens With Storm Doors

Taking down the summer screens and replacing them with storm windows and doors is a classic summer to fall home maintenance chore. Be sure to clean the screens before storing them in a cool dry place like the garage.

Give The HVAC A Tuneup

Since HVAC is up to 50 percent of your yearly power bill, it makes sense to service it regularly. HVAC units have fluids and filters that need changing just like a car does. Having it serviced regularly by an Ashley Heating Air & Water Systems professional will keep it running smoothly for years to come.

Drain Outdoor Faucets

This prevents freezing pipes and the damage they cause. Disconnect and store garden hoses and wrap the faucets in foam.

Interior Maintenance

Check Windows And Doors For Drafts

Holding a lit candle close to windows and doors will alert you to drafts. Fortunately, weatherstripping them will keep out drafts and save you a bundle on your power bill. You want to replace them with energy efficient doors and windows as soon as possible.

Replace Filters

Replacing air filters with dust and allergen filters is a little more expensive, but they last for up to four months. Some can be vacuumed so they’ll last another month or so.

Check The Batteries

Checking smoke and carbon monoxide alarms should be done more than once a year. You’re already checking everything, though, and these are too important to forget.

Make Your Fireplace Operative

Fireplaces suck air out of the house through the flue. This is also a place that sealing is a good idea. Call a licensed chimney sweep to get the fireplace ready for winter.



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