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HVAC 101 guide

Welcome to the HVAC 101 guide. The following information is going to support you in learning about home heating and cooling equipment for optimal home comfort. Heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) arrangements are one of the most important purchases behind a home and vehicle. So it’s important to know before you buy.Heating and cooling processes are also the largest users of power in the house. When purchasing a new heating and cooling arrangement or just getting your current system serviced, you will benefit from investing in efficient equipment and educating yourself to make an informed decision.

Renewing an ineffective heating or air conditioning system to make it more efficient can more than pay for itself. It is one of those purchases we are aware of that truly returns a monthly payback to you!

Air Conditioning / Heat Pump

A conventional home HVAC system is composed of two elements. An indoor unit, like air handlers or a furnace, and an external unit that sits outside our home. An air conditioning unit is an outdoor unit used to cool air and then brings it to the indoor unit to circulate it through your house.Outdoor and indoor units are meant to operate in conjunction. If the air conditioner gets matched with proper air handlers or a furnace, you receive maximum efficiency and lifespan of the products.

Heat Pumps With High-Efficiency

As with the above air conditioning units above, a split system utilizing a heat pump (rather than an air conditioning unit) allows the home to stay comfortable all year. In the summer, it sends heat from your home in order to cool it. Later in the year, it warms your home by bringing heat from outside air.


Thermostats are remarkably crucial elements as they’re your control and interface arrangement for your heating and air conditioning tools. It’s the device that’ll grant you information regarding how your equipment is performing, the time it should be serviced and affords you the ability to set the exact humidity and temperature you want to keep in your house.


On the coldest days of winter and the hottest days of summer, you’re looking for a tightly sealed home for energy efficiency. But this isn’t to say you want to sacrifice the advantages of having fresh air. Using a ventilation system, this won’t be the case as they cooperate with your heating and cooling arrangement to replace the old air with fresh air.

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