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How to change your A/C filter

With summer months slowly heating up, now is the time to change out your A/C filter. Ideally, you should change out the HVAC system’s filter every two or three months for optimal results (two months or less if you have pets or suffer from asthma and other respiratory issues). If you’ve never changed the filter before, it isn’t difficult and takes just a few minutes. You’ll just need a few tips on finding the right filter and how to install it.

Why You Need to Change Your A/C Filter

A new filter only runs a few dollars each. Special HEPA filters designed to collect and remove more dander, dust, pollens and other debris from the air will cost a few dollars more, but even the highest-quality filter likely won’t run you more than $10.

If you don’t change your filter on a regular basis you’ll experience a handful of different issues. First, the clogged filter results in your HVAC system working harder to push treated air through the backed-up filter. This increases your energy consumption and boosts the monthly utility bills.

The second issue you’ll experience is a reduction in air quality. If you have pets you may notice a lingering pet odor. Breathing problems become more pronounced as well, so make sure to change out your A/C filter every two to three months.

How to Change the Filter

First, identify where the filter is located. It’s usually located in one of two places. The first is the air-intake vent. Some apartments might have this in a ceiling near the thermostat. Others have it in the flooring or on the wall. You’ll find it by identifying the substantially larger grating. In most homes, this filter is located right along the furnace area of your HVAC system.

Open the paneling to the vent, you may need a flat head screwdriver to remove the screws keeping the vent secured. Here you’ll gain access to the filter. You can remove it now but don’t throw it away yet. There is a size printed on the filter, usually on the border running around the edge. This is the size and style you need to replace it with for it to function properly.

Filters can be found at hardware stores both large and small, and even some grocery stores will have them with cleaning supplies. You can purchase the filters one at a time or in larger packs to save money and time in the future. Having a filter on hand will be a good reminder to change it often.

Now, remove the current filter and insert the new filter. If there is a “This Side Up” indicator on the filter, follow the instructions. With the new filter in place screw down the vent cover and you’re all set.

It is important to change out your A/C filter every two to three months. You’ll save money while improving the air quality, so now is the time to replace your filter.

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