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Don't become a victim of a dryer house fire

An estimated 2,900 house fires are started by dryers each year. This results in about $35 million in property damage, 100 injuries, and five deaths every year. Having a dryer house fire is a real concern for many, but there are a variety of ways to make sure your dryer doesn’t catch on fire and burn down your home.

Clean Your Dryer After Every Load

Most people already know this, but you would be surprised how many people neglect this simple task. By emptying your lint catcher after you dry every load you are likely never going to have a dryer catch on fire. There are many other things you can do to prevent house fires caused by a dryer, but cleaning your lint catcher after every load is the most important step to prevent your dryer from catching on fire.

Why Do Dryers Catch On Fire?

There are a variety of things that cause a dryer to set a blaze. The primary reason is the lint catcher. When people do not clean their lint catchers regularly their dryers can set that lint on fire and cause a devastating fire. All hoses should also be checked regularly because these can also get clogged up and catch fire. Gas lines, if you use gas to power your dryer, can also get clogged and cause fires.

Check All Hoses Regularly.

Making sure the lint catcher is clean is only the first step in preventing a dryer house fire. The exhaust hose can also clog up, stopping heat from being released outside. This can also cause a fire. Check your exhaust hose at least once per year to lessen your chances of a fire caused by the dryer.If you use propane to keep your dryer running, these hoses that feed propane into the house should also be checked semi-regularly.

Make Sure Your Exhaust Hose Is Up To Date.

Many people still have the old white exhaust hoses on their dryers. These are a very common cause for dryer fires. These hoses are made from flexible vinyl material and are known to catch on fire. The vinyl that these hoses are created with are extremely flammable and so is dryer lint. If you have a white flexible vinyl hose coming out of your dryer, you need to switch to the better aluminum dryer hose. This will lessen your chance of accidental dryer house fire by near limitless amounts.

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