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7 simple A/C maintenance tips

When you are making spring cleaning checklist, be sure to include some general maintenance on your A/C unit to ensure everything is ready for summertime. Many people would rather just hire the A/C company to come out to do a general check on the unit, but you can save quite a bit of money by trying a few of these, do-it-yourself A/C maintenance tips.

1. Always Turn the Unit Off

Before you stick a tool, or even worse, your hand, anywhere near the A/C unit, always remember to turn it off. The best way to do this is to completely shut off the electricity running to the unit and locate the capacitor. If you are unsure of where the capacitor is, consult your user’s manual on your A/C unit.

2. Clean Off the Fan

It’s been a few months since the summer months, so naturally, there is going to be some debris build-up on the fan itself. Wipe off the blades of the fan with a brush and make sure you get all of the debris off. Save even more money by using a screwdriver to remove the top cover so you can get to the interior motor and other parts. Remove the fan and lubricate all the motor parts with the oil your user’s manual specifies for you to use. Doing this on your own instead of hiring a handyman to come do it will save you hundreds of dollars, and it won’t even take you too much time.

3. Use A Hose to Clean the Fans

Sounds nuts, but the best way to clean the coils and the fans is to use a hose. Simply spray down the parts and make sure everything is clean and good to go for the next year.

4. Change Out the Refrigerant

Best to leave this to the professionals. You can release gasses that are unsafe into the air while you attempt to change it out. Yes, we know this is not a DIY “tip”, but it’s totally worth noting. Not only does refrigerant provide cool air, but it prevents the unit from overheating. It’s well worth your money, just be sure you know for sure whether you’re needing a replacement before hiring this job out.

5. Clean the Air Ducts

Using your vacuum cleaner, suck out any debris or other things that might have fallen into the A/C unit to make sure it is ready to use again.

6. Check Your Filter

Check your filter to make sure it is still clean and functional. If you need to replace it, go to your local department store and purchase a filter. When you get it home, rinse it with cold water and let it air out before installing it in your A/C unit. If your filter is just dirty, but not needing to be replaced, you can clean it with soapy water, just make sure it dries completely before installing it back in its proper place.

7. Remember to Check Your A/C Unit Regularly

Performing routine check-ups on your A/C unit will ensure a long-lasting unit for your home. Failure to keep up with simple A/C maintenance could result in a lost investment.

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