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6 ways your water is hurting you

In our current technologically advanced world, there are many advancements we take for granted. One of the most important and overlooked of these is access to clean, uncontaminated drinking water. Surprisingly though, the average drinking water supply can be tainted in ways including those listed below.

1. Chlorine is one of the most infamous impurities commonly found in drinking water. When out of the pool and into a glass, chlorine can give unsuspecting thirst-seekers a moderate bout of stomach discomfort in addition to the off-putting aftertaste.

2. Lead and Copper, siblings in a family of impurities commonly known as “heavy metals”, don’t actually have to do with the water supply. Instead, faulty and out of date plumbing puts these additives in tap water, which can induce effects such as bone deterioration and ailments of the nervous system.

3. Fluoride is a curious addition to the list. Initially, this element was introduced into the water supply to strengthen tooth enamel and promote healthy bone growth. But, at high levels, Fluoride attacks the very body parts they were meant to protect: teeth.

4. Insecticides and pesticides have long been accepted as a double-edged sword. If left unchecked, common vermin and pests stand to wipe out entire global economies and produce to survive. Although pesticides are good for crops, normal runoff causes these chemicals to seep into reservoirs and deep into underground water supplies. Short term high exposure can result in vomiting and stomach pain. Lower level long term exposure has been tied to liver and lung cancers.

5. Legionella bacteria are a particularly nasty strain of bacteria that emerge due to substandard conditions of industrial water. These deceptively dangerous bacterial threats inflict Legionnaire’s Disease, which can be compared to a particularly virulent form of pneumonia.

6. Hard water makes up a three-part package on this list. Calcium and magnesium carbonates are the culprits of hard-water build up and its by-products, two otherwise inauspicious elements that actually do good for the body in trace amounts. Unfortunately, the negative repercussions of hard water build up even affect hygiene, as hard water inhibits soap from lathering properly. Limescale buildup is a separate but equally troublesome after effect of hard water buildup. Pots, kettles and other metal kitchen supplies that are built to retain water are susceptible to this condition. Cardiovascular disease is the last, and probably most alarming by-product of hard water, as it affects the human body itself. Enough said.

Groundwater has its own surprise for those that pride themselves on living off of well-water. The highest concentrates of all of the above minerals manifest primarily in the ground.

So what can be done to create safer water for you and your family? Our Ashley Heating water purification system is the perfect system at eliminating all unwanted elements, creating the purest water for drinking, bathing, cleaning, etc.. The extra layer of filtration makes for a fresh start on home safety.

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