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4 common Air Conditioner problems

Your air conditioning unit is a lifesaver during the hottest months of the year. That’s why it pays to take care of your investment. The payout you receive in cool air and energy savings is well worth the cost of maintaining a high-efficiency unit. That way, you’re able to minimize any issues you encounter with an air conditioner that is in complete disrepair. Four of the most common air conditioner problems we hear about are explained in detail below.

The Unit Keeps Starting or Stopping Unexpectedly

There could be many air conditioner problems contributing to your unit’s lack of efficiency. If it is turning on but shuts off and turns on again, or stops unexpectedly without powering up, it could be due to a lack of power. You may have blown a fuse, or the power cord may have accidentally been unplugged or become loose. The unit may even be on a timer that you’ll need to reset to get it to work optimally.

The AC is Running but Not Cooling the Room

Despite running, the unit is not cooling the space that it’s in. If you’ve noticed that the air conditioner has been on for at least a half hour without affecting the temperature, it could be due to the size of the unit and the room it is trying to cool. The air conditioner could be too small to put out enough cold air. If that isn’t the issue, a dirty air filter may be to blame. You can easily remedy the problem by replacing the filter with a new one. It allows air to flow efficiently throughout the space and removes allergens and pollutants more effectively.

Very Little Air Flow Moving Throughout the Space

The evaporator coils may have frost on them which could prevent the air from flowing throughout the space. A dirty filter also may be to blame which can be taken care of rather easily. If you don’t have any on hand or feel as though it would be better to have a professional take care of replacing it for you, let the technician know when you call to schedule an appointment. That way, they know the type of filter to bring with them to your home.

A Musty Odor is Emitted Whenever the Unit is Turned On

Mold and mildew are present when humidity exists. Scheduling a cleaning can take care of the problem safely and effectively. A technician that services your unit will check the filter and evaporator coils to make sure these aren’t an issue. They will also empty the drain line and drain pan to get rid of any standing water that exists within.

Air conditioner problems can range from minor to severe. Knowing which types of issues to look for helps you quickly get the unit diagnosed, serviced, repaired, and replaced, so you can stay comfortable. It also helps prevent a small problem from getting bigger because it was left unattended and unrepaired.

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