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3 Common Sense Reasons to Upgrade to a High Efficiency Air Conditioner.

We commonly regard upgrading our cars, computers and smartphones as a normal part of American progress, but alas the lowly air conditioner sitting out it our backyards enjoys no such consideration.

Most of us don’t serious consider investing in upgrade of our home air conditioners. In fact we don’t even think about these beautiful pieces of comfort until they go bust from years of neglect.

Here are 3 common sense reasons to consider upgrading your current air conditioner right now, especially those that are between 8-10 years old.

Common Sense Reason 1: It Saves Money…Big Money!

According to a University of Michigan Study, heating and cooling accounts for about 53% of the energy we use in a typical U.S. home. Our new Trane Air Conditioners are constantly being improved to help reduce your energy costs.   The right system can improve comfort and save you up to 62% on your home cooling costs.

To identify the most energy efficient air conditioners there are a couple of easy resources to guide you. First, look for the Energy Star logo to identify the most efficient units and look at the air conditioners Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio or SEER rating, the higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the air conditioner.

Bottom Line: Trane high efficiency air conditioners are better for your wallet.

Common Sense Reason 2: It Makes Environmental Sense

Most of us don’t generally think about our individual contribution to green house gases or carbon in the atmosphere but the energy we use to heat and cool our homes does indeed have a carbon footprint.   Every kilowatt of electricity we use heating and cooling our homes generate about 1.1 pounds of carbon that get released in the atmosphere. High efficiency air conditioners can significantly reduce our homes carbon footprints and that a good thing for our planet and our children.

There has also been a change in the kind of refrigerant used in air conditioners that is very significant. In 2010 the EPA rules that air conditioners could no longer use or be manufactured with the refrigerant R22, commonly known as Freon, because it contained high levels of ozone destroying Chlorine. The new standard is R-410A, often called Puron. It’s true that you can still buy R22; however, it is becoming increasing expense and it still depletes the ozone.

Bottom Line: If you air conditioner is more than 8-10 years old, our new Trane high efficiency air conditioners are a sound environmental choice.

Common Sense Reason 3: There are Fantastic Incentives

Nothing quite like incentives and tax breaks to help things along and there are various programs worth investigating. Idaho Power offers various incentive programs designed to promote energy efficiency and they will actually send you a check to help reduce your equipment costs if you qualify. Be sure to visit Idaho Power for all the details.

The Federal government also offers Energy Property Tax Credit. Equipment can qualify for Nonbusiness Energy Property Credit if it meets technical efficiency requirements set by the Department of Energy. Do you homework as there are lots of rules and conditions.

Bottom Line: There is extra cash out there to help reduce the cost of installing new high efficiency heating cooling equipment.

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