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Soft Clean Water at Home

We cook with it, bath in it, and drink it everyday

If you have concerns with the quality of your household water, Ashley Heating, Air & Water Systems has a solution that will fit your needs and change your life. From cooking, drinking, cleaning, and bathing, to the impact on your plumbing, appliances, and fixtures, the condition of your water is extremely important.


When quality is compromised by heavy minerals or impurities, it costs you time, money, and enjoyment. The specialists from Ashley Heating, Air & Water Systems help you take proactive measures, recommending the right options to answer your water treatment needs.


We make your regular routine easier and more pleasurable, by protecting the cleanliness of your water. For a variety of water quality challenges, we offer a full selection of advanced water treatment technologies

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Improve taste and reduce odor
Produce the ultimate clean water by removing chlorine, total dissolved solids (TDS) and other impurities as small as an atom. Your beverages and ice will consistently taste better with the quality of bottled water right from your tap. Eliminate the need for pour-through pitchers or faucet filters, with far superior results.

Cost effective
Get extremely high-quality water at the most economical cost for point-of-use applications. For a family of four, the RO PurePro™ drinking system produces ultra clean water for approximately $0.25 per day.

Perfect companion to your Reionator Pro® System
The RO PurePro™ is the perfect addition to any whole-house Reionator Pro™conditioning or SoftMAX Pro™ softening system. The conditioner or softener protects the RO PurePro™ from hardness minerals that can clog the RO membrane, while the RO PurePro™ produces extremely high-quality water for drinking and cooking.

Environmentally friendly
Produce fresh tasting, high-quality water right from the tap. Fill your reusable water bottle before leaving the house and eliminate the need for bottled water.




$1000 value

For a limited time



* with credit approval

Smoother, Cleaner Skin and Hair
Your skin is like a sponge, absorbing water—and any impurities in that water. In fact, impurities in your home’s water can be devastating to your skin, contributing to dry and irritated skin, eczema, acne and more. When you use the Reionator Pro™ system, you’ll see and feel positive effects of cleaner, clearer, healthier water in your stronger, healthier hair and more radiant skin.

Feel the Excellence
This isn’t simply soft water. With the Reionator Pro™, you’ll feel the difference on day one, and you’ll wonder how you went so long without it. Kiss the soft water “can’t wash the soap off” feeling goodbye forever. Instead, you’ll shower in water that feels refreshing and protects you from contaminants. Reinvigorate, relax and rejuvenate in a spa-like experience, all in the comfort of your own home.

Protect Your Appliances
Hard water—full of calcium and other rocky minerals—pummels your appliances and fixtures with every use. Worse, the minerals aggregate over time and can congest your plumbing like clogged arteries. With the Reionator Pro™, enjoy the peace of mind knowing your investment will protect your appliances and plumbing for the long term.

Clean Effortlessly
The minerals in hard water make cleaning your home more difficult than it needs to be. It makes you use more soap to get something clean. It leaves spots and streaks. Hard water makes cleaning virtually impossible. It’s time you upgraded to water from the Reionator Pro™, which will make cleaning and polishing a breeze.


Heavy mineral content lurking in your water can wreak havoc on the appliances and plumbing in your home.


We’re thankful for its disinfecting capability that protects our lives and prevents biologic water contamination, yet its taste, smell and drying effects completely turn us off.


When your water is cloudy, gray in color or hard to see through, it’s referred to in the water industry as “turbidity”, which is caused by dissolved or suspended solids that seep into the water supply.


Over time, it can dissolve just about anything, which is why our water supply can have so many dissolved minerals and chemicals in it.The most common are often iron or manganese.


Regulation and oversight can’t always stop bacteria, viruses and protozoa from causing waterborne illnesses.

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