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Your summer air conditioning checklist

Summer is right around the corner and with that comes the unforgiving heat. Something everyone wants during these warmer months is for their air conditioning to be operating properly. After being dormant all winter, now is the time to check out your air conditioning to make sure it is ready to go when summer is in full swing. Here are some tips to get your A/C ready for the hot season ahead.

Clean Unit

Many air conditioning systems have an outdoor component known as a condenser unit. Because it is outdoors, it is prone to collecting dirt and debris. Remove any leaves or twigs that may have gotten caught in the condenser unit cage. Clear away any weeds or grass that may have grown up around it as well. Then take a soft bristled brush to clear away any dirt or dust that may have settled in.

Replace Filter

It is important to change your air conditioner’s filter regularly. Depending on the unit you have and the air filter you use, you should replace your air conditioner’s filter every one to three months to ensure it functions properly. The filter prevents dust from getting into your air conditioner and potentially clogging things up. it protects your air conditioner from debris that could potentially cause your air conditioner to run less efficiently which can, in turn, drive up operating costs and wear it out much more quickly. The filter is also important to prevent dust and allergens from getting into the air you breathe.

Test the A/C and Thermostat

Give your air conditioning a test drive before you actually need it this summer. Turn your thermostat to the lowest setting until the unit kicks on and you notice it getting cooler. This will let you know that the air conditioning is working properly and that the thermostat is functional. This would also be a good time to replace the batteries in your thermostat if your thermostat requires batteries. Fresh batteries now will prevent hiccups in service later.

Get Yearly Service

It is a good idea to have an HVAC technician service your system once or twice a year. A service technician will not only get your unit ready for summer but can prevent potential problems down the road. A technician will clean any parts that have collected dust or caked on grime and lubricate parts to keep the unit running smoothly. They will check for wear and may replace belts and parts as needed. Spring or spring and fall are generally good times to have maintenance performed on your system, before and after being heavily used.

Summer is a great time to get out and enjoy the weather. When you are done enjoying the weather, however, it is nice to be able to go in the house and cool off. Make sure that your system gets cleaned out and that it has regular maintenance so that it is able to offer you peak performance and is efficient. It is best to get any maintenance and repairs done before summer hits so that you will not have any disruption of service during when you need it the most.

Download the Checklist here:

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