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Why Are We Bottled Water Crazy?

Don’t count myself an over-the-top environmentalist; however according to a recent Forbes article we are now throwing away a million plastic bottles a minute and a shocking 91% of them are NOT recycled. Worse yet it takes 400 years for this stuff to naturally decompose and we’re producing more and more of it each year. Recent production estimates say 300 million tons a year and hundreds of tons of that in bottled water containers and we keep on buying more.

So why are we so bottled water crazy? I suppose a lot of us think drinking bottled water is healthier, more convenient and better tasting. Here’s where the perception meets reality. We all been exposed to marketing messages that lead us to believe bottled water comes from exotic and pristine sources and while some of it does, the nation’s leading brands simply filter municipal water supplies to create their product. It other words its all too often more perception than fact.

It also doesn’t make economic sense either, on average those single serve bottles we love so much cost us about $7.50 a gallon, that’s 2,000 times to cost of tap water. Now that’s crazy even if you’re not a penny pincher.

A Clean, Clear & Affordable Solution

At Ashley Heating, Air and Water we offer the WaterTech RO Puremax II, this little unit is easy to install right under your kitchen sink and will produce up to 40 gallons of pure, clean water a day for as little as 25 cents a day. Its four stage reverse osmosis filtering system removes chlorine smell and solid particulars down to the size of an atom including some nasty ones like iron, lead, arsenic and nitrates.

For a fraction of the cost of bottle water you can install our reverse osmosis WaterTech Puremax II and filter your tab water the same way they do the bottle water companies, saving time, money and our environment.

Free Water Quality Test

If you have any concern at all regarding the safety of your drinking water at home, Call us today and we send one of our certified water technicians to your home to conduct a FREE water quality test right at your kitchen faucet. There’s no obligation or cost. Let’s take the worry and cost out of your family’s drinking water today.

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