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  • Ian Townend

How do i get great-tasting drinking water?

One of the most common line of questioning we get is: Do I need a water softener system? What do they really do? Do I need one? What are my options? Will I have good-tasting drinking water?

People who have done some research on water softening systems will call us and ask about reverse osmosis. Is it the same thing? Is it different? We understand it can be very confusing, so let’s take a few minutes to talk about reverse osmosis and its benefits.

Water softening systems

Before we dive into reverse osmosis, maybe we should back up and revisit our in-depth blog about water softening, you can do so here. Essentially, hard water contains high concentrations of dissolved minerals like magnesium and calcium. A water softener system will “soften” your water by replacing these minerals with less destructive minerals (sodium.)

What is reverse osmosis (RO)?

When you think of RO, think “water filtration system.” A reverse osmosis system physically removes contaminants and dissolved minerals in water by forcing them through a filter. You’re left with great-tasting, purified water.

Why would I need an RO water filtration system in my home?

Ashley Heating, Air & Water proudly offers WaterTech’s RO PurePro system, a reverse osmosis water filtration system installed at the point-of-use in your home has four stages of filtration ensuring fresh, clean tasting drinking water. Impurities are removed and contaminants are reduced. The RO PurePro system produces the ultimate clean water by removing chlorine, total dissolved solids (TDS) and other impurities as small as an atom. Beverages and ice will consistently taste better -- it’s like having the quality of bottled water right from your tap.

How does it work?
  1. Water first enters the RO PurePro™ through sediment and carbon pre-filters. These specially designed filters protect the automatic shut-off and membrane from clogging with debris, and reduce chlorine, thus protecting the membrane.

  2. Water then travels to the membrane. This is where the “Reverse Osmosis” of the RO PurePro™ system occurs. The membrane substantially reduces dissolved solids and other unwanted impurities from the water stream.

  3. The R.O. water is then stored and ready to use. When the tap is turned on, water flows from the holding tank through another activated carbon filter, providing a final polish to the water.

Cost effective?

Get extremely high-quality water at an economical cost. For a family of four, the RO PurePro drinking system produces ultra clean water for approximately $0.25 per day.

So do I need a water softener?

It’s not really about choosing between an RO system or a water softening system. In the perfect scenario, the WaterTech RO PurePro is the perfect addition for any whole-house WaterTech Reionator Pro conditioning or SoftMAX Pro softening system. The conditioner or softener protects the RO PurePro from hardness minerals that can clog the RO membrane, while the RO PurePro produces extremely high-quality water for drinking and cooking.


Are you wondering if a reverse osmosis system is right for you? Do you have questions about a water softener? Wondering about installing a water purification system or water softening system? Talk to the professionals at Ashley -- call us at 208-378-9445. Ashley Heating, Air & Water is experienced in the setup and installation of WaterTech RO Pure Pro reverse osmosis systems and Reionator water softening systems, and we’ll provide a rewarding start-to-finish experience.

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