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4 signs you need a new A/C unit

The thought of installing or repairing your AC unit may seem daunting. The price alone can sometimes make you bury yourself in the sand instead of facing the problem. However, having properly working AC is important. If you ever hope to one day sell your home, you can be sure that potential buyers are going to be looking for functional AC. In fact, something like a functioning air conditioning is basically considered to be essential and should naturally just be a part of the home already. By not having an properly working AC unit on your property, your house is going to be a hard sell.For the more immediate future, you’re going to be looking at a lot of uncomfortable summer days sitting in a warm house. If you have AC but you’re not sure if it’s working at peak performance, it’s also worth having it checked out and inspected. An AC unit that isn’t working properly is basically just eating up your energy. If you want want to reduce their energy bill and improve your A/C’s performance, you should have someone look at your air conditioning unit as soon as possible.This article will go over a few signs that you should be aware of to inform you when you need to have new A/C installed.

1. Lack Of Cool Air

One of the first and best signs that your AC is about to kick the bucket is that it isn’t doing its job. No matter how high you turn the air, the room just isn’t becoming chillier. A professional from Ashley Heating Air and Water Systems can take a quick look and determine if your unit is worth saving or not. Their expertise can accurately determine the cause and either fix it or equip you with a unit that’s sure to last and perform well.

2. Energy Bill Increase

After you’ve ruled out that you’re draining energy elsewhere and the power company hasn’t just raised their prices, you can probably assume that your unit is the cause for the spike in your energy bill. Older units are just less efficient than newer ones. Brands like Trane have made it their business to produce some of the most efficient and high-quality units available on the market. The team at Ashley are certified to install the Trane units and can provide you with one of the best sources of air conditioning out there.

3. Smells

Perhaps you’ve noticed a foul odor emanating from your unit. It’s persistent whenever the unit kicks on and runs. This could be a sign that mold or mildew is growing in your unit. Or, if it’s a burning smell, it could indicate a much larger problem. Have the team at Ashley Heating & Air to determine the cause and give you the service that you deserve. Make your house comfortable again.

4. Strange Sounds

When you turn your Air Conditioner on, or when it is operating, is it louder than it used to be? Sounds such as speaking, rumbling, and grinding are some examples of red flags when it comes to your air conditioner’s operation. Most AC units are supposed to operate at a noise level that is barely detectable, so if your cooling system is speaking its mind, then it’s time to upgrade to a new unit.

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