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Take advantage of a refreshingly cool summer, and toasty warm winter, packaged in one efficient system. Modern, electric heat pumps deliver a long list of benefits that add up to cost-savings, convenience, and comfort.


Since there’s no combustion process, there’s no danger of carbon monoxide poisoning, harmful fumes, or hot surfaces. The system won’t overly dry indoor air during heating mode, and effectively handles humidity throughout the summer. Sophisticated filtration systems make heat pumps ideal for people who suffer allergies, asthma, or dust sensitivities, and you’ll also enjoy the added bonus of room-by-room zone control.


And when the energy-savings of an electric heat pump are partnered with the power of a natural gas furnace, you enjoy year round temperature control and minimized utility bills.


Let the experts from Ashley Heating, Air & Water Systems match your needs to the perfect product, provide accurate installation, and make sure you enjoy reliable performance, peak efficiency, and ideal comfort.

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Ashley Heating, Air & Water Systems specializes in Trane brand heat pumps, offering you up to 20.00 SEER, 10 HSPF, and variable speed technology.


TruComfort systems automatically adjust and maintain consistent speeds to deliver precise comfort, keep sound levels low, and avoid temperature swings. With ComfortLink II communicating capability, major components all “talk” with each other, automatically configuring and calibrating for peak performance and efficiency throughout service life.


Add Trane CleanEffects, and enhance indoor air quality as the system removes dust, dander, pollen, and other contaminants. Every Trane system is strenuously tested for sustainable durability, and you can rest assured you’ll enjoy long-term operation.

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If you’re looking to maximize energy efficiency at home, consider the installation of a dual fuel heat pump. Installed as a partner to an existing furnace, they provide effective summer cooling and greater energy savings throughout the year.


During the winter, your forced air furnace will share the workload, reducing wear and tear, enhancing comfort, and minimizing the cost of maintaining ideal temperatures. While both electric and gas fueled heating systems each have a few disadvantages, a dual system compensates to provide the absolute best of both.


When the outdoor temperature drops below the heat pumps capabilities, the furnace automatically takes over, switching back and forth, to whichever source provides the greatest efficiency. For the majority of the year, the electric heat pump protects your wallet with superior efficiency.


Experienced in the setup and installation of a dual fuel system, Ashley Heating, Air & Water Systems completes your beginning-to-end project accurately, swiftly, and to your satisfaction.

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