With Nexia™ Home Intelligence, you can remotely control your home’s temperature to suit your lifestyle and reduce your energy consumption while away but the comfort control is only the beginning.  They also work with hundreds of home automation accessories that allow you to create a secure and efficient home environment.

Home Connection Away From Home

All the control of your home is at your fingertips, from anywhere, with a web-enabled computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can build your own home automation system with 100’s of z-wave products; you have the ability to:

  • Control temperature settings and manage energy use
  • Allow entry to your home through the keypad even when you’re not there.
  • Assign up to 19 private four-digit codes for family members
  • Receive instant texts and email alerts when codes are used
  • Add, delete or change user codes remotely
  • Confirm the status of your wireless lock from anywhere
  • Program lights to turn on/off at different times of the day
  • ……and so much more!


This 7”  touch screen is a command center and digital picture frame.  The XL950 is compatible with communicating systems and zone controls.  Create up to 6 schedules per day to save energy when no one is home. Monitor indoor & outdoor temperatures as well as 5 day forecasts, live radar & weather alerts.  Accessible from anywhere with an Internet-enabled computer, smartphone or tablet.

XL850 & XL824

Both the XL850 & XL824 feature a 4.3” touch screen display.  The XL850 is compatible with communicating systems and  the XL824 is compatible with conventional 24-volt systems.   Create up to 6 schedules per day to save energy.   View 5 day forecasts, live radar & weather alerts.  Receive filter, maintenance and humidifier reminder alerts.  Accessible from anywhere with an Internet-enabled computer, smartphone or tablet.


The XL624 features a 4.3” black & white touch screen display and is  compatible with conventional 24-volt systems.   Create up to 4 schedules per day.  Receive filter, maintenance and humidifier reminder alerts.   Accessible from anywhere with an Internet-enabled computer, smartphone or tablet.

Wi-Fi Touchscreen Programmable Thermostat

  • Connect to the home’s existing wireless system
  • Remote Access – Easily manage your thermostat from anywhere through web, tablet, or smartphone access.
  • Maintains consistent comfort to the highest level of accuracy.
  • Change/Check Reminders—lets you know when to service or replace filters, batteries, etc.
  • Real Time Clock keeps time during power failure and automatically updates for daylight savings.
  • Dual Fuel Capable
  • 5-Year Warranty

Digital Programmable Thermostat

  • Weekday and Individual Weekend Day Programming
  • Can be mounted wirelessly to relocate your existing control or add zoning to your home.
  • Raised buttons insure ease of use.
  • Offers the perfect blend of features, performance and value that delivers the highest degree of temperature control accuracy.
  • Programming this thermostat saves you up to 33% on your heating and cooling costs.
  • Flip-out door allows for easy battery replacement.
  • 5-Year Warranty